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IDMicro manufactures high quality RFID asset tracking devices and control integration software.

IDmicro is a premier manufacturer of semi-active RFID to the rapidly expanding market for long-range, long-life RFID solutions.  Since 1998, IDmicro has been developing and manufacturing battery assisted RFID tags, readers, and integration software.  IDmicro's middleware is flexible and scalable with designed compatibility with virtually any existing system.  

IDmicro is focused on three primary areas:  Access Control and Security, Asset Visibility, and RFID based sensor tags.  IDmicro's anti-tamper RFID tag prevents unauthorized use by disabling the tag in the event that it is removed from the vehicle by a thief or vandal.   IDmicro's Fuel Security application offers multiple levels of authentication and verification to ensure that only fleet and authorized vehicles are fueled by equipped pumps.  IDmicro's Temperature Logging Tag for the temperature controlled transportation industry ensures regulatory compliance and a demonstrable ROI.  

Common applications and markets for IDmicro's RFID products include: Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), toll bridges and roads, government projects, gated communities and parking, yard management and productivity tracking, fleet management, trailer tracking, automated weigh scales, mining, construction, and agriculture.

Whether you are an RFID expert or just becoming familiar with the technology, feel free to contact IDmicro to learn more about our RFID technology and discuss how we can help streamline your business operations. More about IDMICRO...

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• 0 to 150 Feet Range Hardware Independent Software
• 5 - 10 Year Tags Directional Zone Control
• Read and Write Local and Remote Data Routing
• Technical Support Custom Applications

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