Productivity is the key to maintaining a positive operating ratio. Our system will give the prudent operations manager complete visibility into the remote and local dispatch of his fleet. Additionally, installation of a complete IDMicro system can automatically open gates, activate weigh scales, authorize fueling and lubrication pumping and use, record maintenance dwell time and provide specific parking data. Support personnel reduction and cost control are key ROI benefits to the transportation industry.

Operating personnel managing several remote supplier locations for JIT and production management control in a “milk-run” dedicated environment will realize immediate inventory management and control with our portal to portal system.

Waste management, landfill operations, mining equipment and personnel, first responder management, utility operators, and state and local departments of transportation can all realize greater visibility and control of expensive equipment operating in locations across town or across the state.

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Shippers who lease containers and trailers for extended periods will have the ability to monitor the ingress and egress of these containers as they move through the transportation cycle. Additionally, information can be stored on each container that identifies when it was purchased or leased, from whom, what it is used to transport and for whom or any other information that might be of interest. This data of course can be added to or changed at any time.

Distribution managers of product, large assets, or commercial vehicles will realize immediate productivity gains by employing our system of portal to portal control using RFID tags and readers. Providing complete movement information, tying to your existing legacy systems or providing new management systems for you will give complete visibility to eliminate those costly pinch points.

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• 0 to 150 Feet Range Hardware Independent Software
• 5 - 10 Year Tags Directional Zone Control
• Read and Write Local and Remote Data Routing
• Technical Support Custom Applications

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