The world has an increasing need to know about the safety and security of the products they purchase, the transportation we use, and the protection being employed to ensure the government is doing everything possible to
safeguard our country from future terrorist attacks.

RFID sensor products provide a high level of that assurance through monitoring the temperatures of sensitive food products, providing data logging and recordation to remove spoiled products from the cold chain before they can be sold to the consumer.

RFID sensors can also be employed in trans-ocean shipping containers to provide a host of information to ensure that the container contents are safe, and that the container has not been tampered with during the transport cycle. Suspicious containers can be quickly identified and turned over to the authorities for disposition.

IDMicro has the ability to connect any sensor device to our long range, long life tag. Examples of some sensors are, Light, Temperature, Radiation, Gas, Vibration, Humidity, Explosives, Shock, Chemicals, and Air Quality.

Some potential applications are Food Safety, Port Security, Container Security, Commercial Vehicles, Aviation, and Logistics.


• 0 to 150 Feet Range Hardware Independent Software
• 5 - 10 Year Tags Directional Zone Control
• Read and Write Local and Remote Data Routing
• Technical Support Custom Applications

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