Avera VisibilityTM Software simplifies the challenge of integrating information collected in multiple locations. In addition to our existing applications, it can be easily customized for specific requirements.


Avera is an interface for RFID readers

With the aid of Avera you will be able to open communication channels not only with industry standard topping IDMicro hardware, but many other standard RFID readers just as well.

Avera communicates with and controls other electronics
From a simple 5 Volt pulse to complex command protocols Avera can communicate with all kinds of electronic devices.

Avera provides easy access to data and reports
Hundreds of pieces of data for each and every transaction are at our fingertips whether you are on site or at a remote location. You can create your own reports or enhance your legacy system.

Avera provides unprecedented insight into its internal operations
Sophisticated monitoring tools allow you to watch each event and device in the entire system and trigger alarms when devices stop communicating.


• Rapid application development, testing and implementation
• Hardware independent
• Integrates multiple readers in mulitple locations
• Enhanced remote application management tools
• Local and remote date routing
• Fully scalableCygwin

Configuration Manager:
This is where you will build and deploy your application. There are two main panes that make up the Configuration Manager. The pane on the left, the navigation pane, is a graphic tree structure that represents your devices and how they are connected. The pane on the right, the task pane, is where each component from the navigation pane is configured and specific setting are applied.

Application Manager: This is Avera's web based interface for tag and asset management. Users can log in to the website from any location and with a click of the mouse have access to Avera's asset management utility. Avera allows administrators to create different roles and permissions for users of the Application Manager.

Watchdog: What started as an add on to Avera Visibility has now become a key component. The Watchdog utility is a monitoring service built into Avera that allows users to view messages and events in the entire system - a crucial tool for diagnosing problems. The Watchdog will also trigger user defined alarms when certain events such as a connection failure to a reader occur.

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Cygin: The Cygwin BASH shell is used for running shell scripts in a Windows environment. This allows Avera to exploit the full power of a Unix shell for all of its file managementand networking needs.

Oracle: Avera employs the services of a fully functional Oracle database, arguably the most powerful relational database system available on the market today. This allows Avera to have virtually unlimited flexibility when it comes to dealing with data - from SQL reporting to Oracle streams.
Java: Java is used to implement all web services. Also, much of Avera, including the GUI is written in Java.
Tomcat: Apache Tomcat is Avera's web server used for http as well as web services.


For a more detailed description of Avera's Components and Operations (PDF format) click below:
System Overview

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