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Commercial and private applications providing on-site or remote automated weigh scale functionality for maximum productivity, local and state highway weight compliance, material control and vehicle safety. Drivers are not required to leave their vehicles and long read- range tags insure sufficient vehicle clearance. IDMicro provides convenient interface applications for legacy systems. Scale Automation PDF File click here to download (165 kb)

Our combination of long and medium range tags do not require the driver to search for a card and roll down their window in order to swipe a proximity reader to open a gate. IDMicro’s system maximizes throughput, reduces back-up, and enhances security at public parking ramps, institutional facilities, schools, and manufacturing or industrial locations. Parking Industry PDF File click here to download (195.1 kb)

Hands free entry into your place of business, no fumbling in briefcases, purses, or pockets. Our system can also be used in conjunction with finger print, retinal or other biological security systems that maximize personnel security. Building Security PDF File click here to download (1 mb)

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Private communities require a maintenance free, long lasting system that will provide assurance that only authorized personnel and vehicles are allowed entry. Complete recordation of ingress and egress activities as well as hands-free operation make IDMicro a growing favorite with installers and end- users. Gated Communities PDF File click here to download (268.9 kb)

With IDMicro’s system of tags and readers, point of sale applications are endless. The electronic recognition of a tag assigned to an individual can allow access to a variety of resort activities including ski lifts or enabling an individual to purchase goods and services without using cash or a credit card. Another growing application involves the recognition of a vehicle, enabling the fueling pump, and facilitating the financial transaction with out requiring the occupant to pay cash or use a credit card. Transactional POS PDF File click here to download (106.7 kb)

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Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)
Our readers and tags are in use for to expedite boarder crossing and toll road applications. Our six (6) channel reader is especially well suited and its functionality maximized for his application. Nationwide, local governments are realizing the potential of allowing single vehicle operation in the High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on their larger roadways. Our reader and tag system facilitates the monitoring of this activity providing ingress and egress information for the purpose of charging a single vehicle operator for the use of the HOV lane. Other applications include the ability for Airports to charge facility fees to fleet and cab companies for use of airport ingress and egress roadways.


• 0 to 150 Feet Range Hardware Independent Software
• 5 - 10 Year Tags Directional Zone Control
• Read and Write Local and Remote Data Routing
• Technical Support Custom Applications

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